At Breton, the digital world is where we like to play. We are a digital services team with skills and expertise that span all 360 degrees of the connected digital world, focusing on the points of interaction within your business and between your brand and the online consumer. It’s an all-in-one service dynamically packaged to suit the needs of your business.
We do this job because we’re passionate about the work, about pushing boundaries and achieving remarkable results. If you need a website, we can build it; if your business could be improved by a cohesive web app, we’ll create one; we can even do the marketing that brings it all together. Our business is learning all about your business and creating the best strategy to help it succeed.
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phase 1 inspiration


The beginning of the journey. It’s a fun place to be.

It’s where we meet you. Hear all about your business, your concerns, your passions, and allow ourselves to be inspired by what you do.

It also gives us an excellent opportunity to learn – to immerse ourselves in your particular industry.

We explore the look and feel of similar companies and examine modern trends: what’s hot, what’s not, and what we can do to take your work and your company to the next level.

phase 2 brainstorm


Two heads are better than one. Three or four are better still.

Once we’ve immersed ourselves in your industry and done our homework, we bring the team together and discuss our findings: what works, what doesn’t, and how we might be able to push the project outside the box.

How can we go above and beyond to meet and then exceed expectation?

phase 3 research


We have a good idea now what we want to do, next we have to figure out how to make it happen. We conduct more detailed research on your industry and competitors, and we experiment with current innovative ideas to see how they can be improved.

We also gather together content and images and any necessary background elements needed to give the project a foundation.

This phase will continue to varying degrees until we launch as we constantly tweak and improve towards getting the final result absolutely right.

phase 4 architecture


Every grand scheme requires a plan – a blueprint. Or in online words: a wireframe.

This is the building block for the design and development that will evolve into the final product: a website, a business app, a video, a marketing strategy – or perhaps all four.

At this point we get the chance to show you what we’ve been doing, what we’d like to do moving forward, and generally receive your feedback. That said, at every stage of the work process we’ll share our ideas with you and make ourselves available to answer your questions. We want you to be as exited about the project as we are.

phase 5 design


This is where the creative magic kicks into gear as we start to visualize the face and experience of your business, what the world will encounter when it interacts with your product.

We could be conceiving animation, film, a dynamic user-friendly website – the digital world is our oyster. Our challenge is to create something that inspires and enriches the imagination while also serving a practical purpose.

phase 6 development


This is a technical stage that involves building and customizing components to make a website or application function in the best possible way to benefit your product. We also spend time once again reviewing the process with you to make sure what we’re developing will work exactly as it should.

phase 7 deployment


The moment of truth.

Everything has been pulled together in a perfect package of programming, design and copy. Now it’s time for you to review the final product. Any changes needed are made, and all that’s left is to launch. This might be an online launch or a launch on the local server at your office.

phase 8 measure


The initial work might be completed, but now it’s time to gage results.

After deployment, we review Google Analytics or any other analytics tool we might have installed on your site or app. This gathers data on your new digital endeavours: who’s visiting, how often, how they’re interacting – basically how the work is being received.

We use this information to make any improvements necessary because our job isn’t done until you see exceptional results.

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