The director of all things creative at Breton, Andrew is inspired by technology – but design is his first love.

He thrives on building something from nothing and creating art that serves a purpose. A master of detail, he’ll stop at nothing to achieve that perfect result, even if it means counting pixels.

Originally from Australia, Andrew’s background spans television, print, and animation. An artist in his free time, he is motivated by recreating the way people perceive what they see around them, pushing boundaries and constantly working to surprise his clients, his colleagues, and himself.

Which is why he’s so excited to come to work every day and be part of a team of people who set the bar – and then jump over it.

When David first co-founded Breton he wanted to build a company that would be fair to customers. Honestly educating and inducting them into the often-confusing, but vital world of IT.

As an entrepreneur and the creator of several successful companies, David’s passion is helping businesses reach their ultimate potential. His background studying psychology, sociology and business has helped shape his attitude for absolute commitment to the work and respect for his clients and team.

As a competitive basketball player, and husband with four small children, David’s personal life keeps him on his toes as much as his business life, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a dedication to staying connected – to family, to colleagues, and to clients.

And staying connected is what the digital world is all about.

One of the original co-founders of Breton, Jamie has been on the ground since 2001. He watched the company grow from a two-man operation with no office space to a thriving team of professionals regularly creating cutting-edge technology solutions.

With a background in engineering, Jamie’s enthusiasm for the job stems from a love of technology. The highlight of his role is meeting with clients and showing them how their businesses can flourish by implementing strategic, interactive web solutions.

Jamie is driven by old school values, which influence both his work and family life. At the end of a busy day he’s also driven by an urge to balance all that time spent at a computer and likes to dive into sports like ice hockey, volleyball, golf and snowmobiling.

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